Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Why rent furniture from New Image Furniture Leasing?

New Image Furniture Leasing has been serving the Southern Colorado area for over 23 years.  You can count on us to find the right furniture and accessories to furnish your temporary home.


Q:  How does renting furniture work?

You select your furniture, complete a Rental Application/lease, provide proof of insurance and identification, and we deliver to and set-up the pieces directly for you, pending application approval.


Q:  What type of insurance do I need?

Homeowners, or renters insurance, that includes furniture will work.


Q:  What is the delivery fee?

We assess a one time handling fee, calculated per package, which includes initial delivery, set-up and pick-up.


Q:  How will I be billed?

Payments are due in advance for each month that you need the furniture.  You provide a credit card number which is billed on the 1st of each month.


Q:  How long of lease commitment do I need to make?

Advertised package rates are calculated on a 3 month lease term, however, we do offer 1 and 2 month lease terms and can get you a quote immediately.


Q:  When my lease expires, do you automatically pick up my furniture?

New Image does understand that things change, and our contract can continue on a month-to-month basis for as long as you need the furniture.  Just give us a call when you need it picked up.


Q:  Do I receive the exact furniture I selected on the web?

We do our best to deliver the quality represented in the photos.  We hand select each package to ensure the finest products available for the price that you have selected.  Rest assured, we want you to love your selection!


Q:  Is the furniture I am receiving brand new?

Furniture delivered may be new and/or previously leased, but will always be delivered in the finest condition.


Q:  What if something goes wrong with a piece?

Service is included on ALL of New Image Furniture Leasing contracts.


Q: Do I have to select one of your packages?

No.  Pieces are available for individual leasing.


Q:  Do you rent art, accessories, lighting and rugs?

Yes.  Please ask when placing your order.


Q:  Where do you deliver to?

We serve the entire state of Colorado and into southern Wyoming, western Nebraska, and northern New Mexico.


Q:  How fast can you deliver to me?

As soon as your leasing application and lease details are completed.  In most cases, we can deliver within 24-48 hours.


Q:  How do I let you know when I want the furniture returned?

Just give us notice via fax, phone or e-mail on our Contact Us page, 15 days in advance and we will take care of the rest!


Q:  How do I get started?       

Just follow the simple steps on this website.  If you prefer to talk to a leasing agent, just give us a call, or use the Contact Us page and we will contact you to answer any of your questions.


Q:  Can I change my order or add on to it later?

Yes, you may make any changes up to 24 hours before delivery.  If you need to add something on after the original delivery, you may do so by simply completing a new lease and scheduling a delivery.


Q:  What if I break my lease?

When you lease furniture, you are obligated to the length of the term on the lease by signing.